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Injury or illness is not something we can always predict. We realize there are times when your Family Physician may not be accessible. At CentriCare, our doctors share a genuine concern for your health and will work together to preserve that continuity. CentriCare will provide walk-in services with extended and weekend hours of operation to allow better access.

CentriCare physicians will be prepared to deal with urgent problems, however we are not equipped to deal with major emergencies. Any major injuries or suspected life threatening illnesses will require that you proceed to the nearest emergency department or access 9-1-1.

CentriCare Medical Clinic has also been designed to provide convenient care for prescription refills and more basic medical problems. However, if the situation exists that one requires a comprehensive medical assessment or if assistance is needed with multiple medical issues or other problems, you may be encouraged to book with one of our physicians who is accepting new patients. This is intended to serve you better and provide continuity regarding your particular medical condition.

You do not necessarily need an appointment to see a doctor. When attending the clinic, the receptionist will ask about the nature of your problem and allocate a specific appointment time. Multiple problems may require more than one appointment. Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance as this frees a spot for someone waiting for an appointment. Missed appointments without prior notice will be charged a fee. This fee is not covered by the provincial health plan.

Due to the volume of test results coming to the clinic each day, normal results will not be reported to the patient. We will contact patients with abnormal results or for tests that require a follow-up visit. Pregnancy test results will be called to the patient. If you wish to discuss test results with your physician, please book a follow-up appointment for about 3-5 working days after the tests are done.

If you have a medical problem or question you wish to discuss, please make an appointment or come to the walk-in. Most medical questions need to be dealt with by a physician in order to assess the problem and document matters properly.

Your medical record is confidential to you and your family physician. We adhere to guidelines as set out by the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Written, witnessed authorization must be provided for the release of your medical record to another party. Please understand that even when we send a copy of your file to another agency or doctor we must still archive your file for legal purposes for 10 years, and therefore we charge patients a standard fee for copying and chart retention should you change doctors and need your file transferred.

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